What is Sim Racing?

Sim Racing is the term that is used to describe the virtual Motorsport niche. It is also used to refer to the community of car racing simulation games enthusiasts. Members of this community are known as Sim Racers. The term is also used for leagues and communities. A Sim Racer is a person who races on racing games either as part of a team or on their own.

Sim Racing Games

Sim Racing games try to give players the most realistic racing experience on gaming consoles and computers. The most popular Sim Racing titles are: iRacing, rFactor (2), Automobilista, and Assetto Corsa. Other notable games in this field are: Raceroom Racing Experience, Race07, StockCar Extreme, and Live For Speed. Some of the titles who started the niche are: Grand Prix Legends, GT Legends, rFactor, GTR2, NASCAR Racing 2003, and Richard Burns Rally.

The games games are generally played with PC’s as they require power under the hood to deal with the physics. Graphics cards are also needed for the eye candy factor. Project CARS is one of the most beautiful games in Sim Racing, and has also been tipped as one of the most beautiful games of any genre.

Sim Racing Equipment

A racing wheel is recommended for anyone who wants to compete at a high level. Using 3 pedals is a popular choice for those who race competitively. Paddle shifting is the most common shifting method for most Sim Racers. H-Pattern shifting is used by many sim racers as well, but it is not as common.

A racing seat should also be used. It is used by many Sim Racers. Most hobbyists make do with a desk and office chair though. The most popular brands in Sim Racing are: Thrustmaster, Heusinkveld Engineering, and rSeat.

Sim Racing Teams

Sim Racing teams have their own branding and team paint schemes. The teams designs are done by professional designers. Many of these designers have done work for real race teams. Some of the designers within the community have been asked to do work for major race teams because of their work in sim racing.

The most professional communities showcase live broadcasts of their races. Professional broadcasts are provided by professional sim racing media networks. The major broadcasting network within Sim Racing is RaceSpotTV. Other networks who work in sim racing are: PSRL and SimraceTV.

Here is a list of some of the oldest teams. Coanda SimSport, Iberica, Team Redline, Precision Motorsports, Ghostspeed, VBMotorsports.

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