MadCape Racing Teams Official Website

This is the official website for MadCape‘s sim racing division

MadCape Racing Team has grown to become a formidable force within the sim-racing community. You can see us compete in various world championships such as Formula SimRacing, GPVWC, iRacing, and more! We prides ourselves on maintaining a professional image and continuously being one of the most competitive teams on the grid. The team has managed to secure various sim racing world championship titles and awards in its existence. We also have close ties to various real world racing champions who are also avid sim racers. These real world champions have helped us at MadCape to better understand good racecraft and vehicle setup. It’s an extremely valuable relationship, and a lot of the teams success is owed to its existence. Follow our teams endeavors on our Facebook, Youtube, and Twitter pages for updates!


Want to know more about sim racing?

Sim Racing is practically a world of its own. It involves racing teams and drivers getting together in a virtual environment to compete for the top spot of the various World Championships. Everything works just as it would in the real world with a few exceptions. The main exception being that there is no danger element in sim racing, at least not in the same capacity as in the real world.

Sim racing is also a great training tool for racing drivers to hone their racecraft skills. It also helps drivers learn circuits without needing to travel to and from all the time. As a result, this lessens the cost substantially in comparison to the costs of the real world. Another cost reducing factor in comparison to the real world is the fact that sim racers do not need to spend millions on their race cars in order to gain the best performance. All vehicles in each series are made to be equal with no one car having a substantially higher competitive advantage over another.